Exoskeleton of the lower body reduces the load on the lower spine when working in static poses

Mr. Puller

Mr. Puller reduces back load when lifting weights from the floor


Exoskeleton supports arms during the work above the head

Responsible Implementation Program

We not only sell exoskeletons, but also provide additional services related to their implementation, training, calculation of effectiveness or modeling of long-term effects on employees.


Depending on the nature of the work, the increase reaches 12%

Medical costs

Reduced insurance benefits and other expenses

Staff stability

Decrease staff turnover

Increase loyalty

Caring for the most qualified professionals


Exaurus LLC was founded in 2021 by the head of the Bionic Robotics Laboratory of the Institute of Applied Mathematics named after M.V. Keldysh RAS. The company's employees have several dozen scientific publications and conduct joint research work in the laboratory of the institute. The main mission of the company is to improve the working conditions of employees of industrial enterprises and reduce losses from socially significant diseases!
Against this background, those new trends in scientific and technical thought in robotics that develop and substantiate the feasibility and effectiveness of the collaborative model of human-robot relationships, focusing not on confrontation between robots and people, but on cooperation, symbiosis, synergy, are vitally relevant.
Our company sees its mission in the development and promotion of robots that are useful to humans, the purpose of which is not to replace humans in the process of work, but to fully and comprehensively support and complement humans in this process, leaving a leading role for humans


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